Email Support

Emails, being a fast and easy to use mode of communication have now become an integral part of every business. Our proficient representatives are well-versed and equipped to understand your requirements and can handle your Emails, round the clock and round the year.

As one of the major tool for all internal and external communications in a business, it is all the more vital that you efficiently handle and answer all the emails to ensure customer satisfaction and a clear and concise transmission of information.

A fast and professional E-mail technical support then not only instantly connects a company with its clients through a highly personalised channel but also contributes when it comes to customer loyalty. At 247easysupport, we understand the importance of Email communication and thus provide unique and customized Email support services to our customers, We call it unique as we do not simply answer the emails of your customers but try our level best to retain your customers by providing them prompt service in a professional manner yet keeping a personalised touch. We have very good knowledge of Email platforms, such as : Mailchimp, Rackspace, SquirrelMail, Zendesk, Outlook etc.

The 247easysupport distinction :

  • I. Quick Turnaround Time - reply to the emails within 1 hour of receipt.
  • II. Quality check strategy (random sampling method)- Daily quality checks by QA team (random analysis of 15% of emails)
  • II. Quality check strategy (random sampling method)- Daily quality checks by QA team (random analysis of 15% of emails)
  • IV. Professional responses with a personalised touch to ensure customer satisfaction
  • V. Going the extra mile to meet customer's expectations.

Client Speaks

  • bauhaus08

    They are the perfect example of reliability, professionalism, and hard work. Price is higher than alternative contractors who work for me, but One of the best experiences on Elance and would like to work with them again.

  • lifestylecash

    Always get a good and thorough job from these guys. Thanks for being a great 'elancer' over the years. I will always use you again and again.

  • aamin13

    Sumit leads an excellent team of dedicated and focused business support staff. We would highly recommend them.

"One customer, well taken care of could be more valueable than $10.000 worth of advertising" - Jim Rohn