Hosting Support

Robust and well-maintained servers are pivotal for the success of a web hosting company. Servers demand continuous maintenance, consistent monitoring, regular performance audits and timely upgrades.

At 247easysupport, we offer high-quality web hosting support that not only significantly reduces your IT cost but also ensure client retention as your customers get efficient and effective assistance.

Our Expertise:

  • Round the clock support (24x7x365)
  • Quick Response and Faster Resolution time
  • Economical Solutions
  • Going the Extra Mile to provide adept support
  • Customer Focused approach

Web hosting support is directly proportionate to Investments in web hosting business. Better the support, higher will be the ROI. We at 247easysupport, provide 24/7 hosting support to help you maintain a competitive edge by assisting you to gain the efficiencies & economies in business.

We Offer:

Presales Support:
Managed through the help desk, live chat & phone, all the queries from potential customers are handled with utmost care. Some of our services include:
  • Details about various plans and features
  • Comparisons between plans
  • Billing/payment methods
  • help and assistance for signing up for a plan
  • Server Administration :
    Mainly handled through the help desk, as server administration support, we provide level 1/level 2 support. We attend to all the issues including:
  • Installation, Scripting, Server Tuning and Trouble Shooting
  • Module and Component Upgrade
  • Compatibility and Data Base Issues
  • Hack and Spam Issues
  • Apache and DNS Fine Tuning
  • Server Setup / Data Migration :
    This comprises installation and configuration of all the components required to run a server. After the installation, we conduct necessary checks for server security and performance. We undertake planned migration of data and server. Our services include:
  • Checking host server readiness
  • Migration information
  • Sending migration reports and probable down times to the admin
  • Compatibility checking and backup data availability
  • Migration post verification
  • Basic Technical Support :
    Most of the issues at level 1 / level 2 are resolved through the server control panel like Plesk. It caters to issues such as:
  • Password resetting
  • FTP issues
  • Website loading issues
  • Email issues
  • Server Monitoring :
    Live servers require regular & constant monitoring and hence We use various monitoring tools like IPCheck and IPMonitor to check and constantly monitor live servers. Our services also include:
  • Rebooting
  • Server Tweaking
  • Round the clock active support
  • Billing Support :
    We Furnish total billing support solutions including:
  • Handling existing customers queries
  • Cancellations, invoices, incorrect charges and non-payments
  • Billing record update
  • Discounts and refunds
  • Changing billing cycle
  • Plans upgrading and downgrading
  • Payments management
  • Server & Data Security :
    Security is crucial for servers; hence, server security is a properly scheduled process. We undertake robust security measures including:
  • Modifications of the Kernel settings to increase security
  • Securing host.conf
  • Installation of chkroot kit, and set up in cron
  • Installing log check
  • Installing APF/CSF - Firewalls on the server to block the IPs/Ports
  • Monthly report
  • Order Setup / Verification :
    Our list of services includes all the services including:
  • Customer queries related to new order set up
  • Order verification and new order status
  • Order reversal and change in order
  • Verifying fraud orders and pending order verifications
  • Server Management :
    Our services under server management include:
  • Maintaining maximum uptime as per the SLA by the server
  • Running server patches and software updates
  • Ensures security and latest version of software for servers
  • Monthly reports
  • Server Optimisation:
    Under server optimisation service we ensure:
  • Optimal utilisation of the server resources
  • Scanning of Ports
  • Load monitoring and optimisation
  • Monthly report
  • Client Speaks

    • bauhaus08

      They are the perfect example of reliability, professionalism, and hard work. Price is higher than alternative contractors who work for me, but One of the best experiences on Elance and would like to work with them again.

    • lifestylecash

      Always get a good and thorough job from these guys. Thanks for being a great 'elancer' over the years. I will always use you again and again.

    • aamin13

      Sumit leads an excellent team of dedicated and focused business support staff. We would highly recommend them.

    "One customer, well taken care of could be more valueable than $10.000 worth of advertising" - Jim Rohn